10 things to consider when buying an air purifier

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These days, staying protected from the air pollution outside the house is not just enough. Well, you may be shocked to know that even the interior of your house can be as polluted as it is on the outside. With all our lives fully dependent on electronic gadgets and chemicals, it becomes really tough to rescue ourselves from dust and air impurities. While, this may not sound really serious to us that indoor air contamination can harm us equally just like outside world impurities can; poor indoor air quality puts us directly at a chance for various infections and allergies such as hypersensitivities, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory issues.

In the longer run, these little contaminations can hazardously lead to severe health diseases. Therefore, it becomes a necessity in the modern tech-savvy world that we start paying attention to unhygienic air conditions inside the scope of our houses. Regular cleaning can help to some extent, but fitting an effective air purifier can really solve this menace. But, before you buy an air purifier for your house, we suggest you to go through the following 10 things when buying an air purifier:

1. What’s the correct size of purifier for your place?
You have to match the right sized air purifier with the right sized room. It is the first thing to be considered. Definitely, it is measured in square metres. One can easily calculate the square feet area by doing the product of the length and width of the room.

2. The type of the filter and its efficiency!
The performance of your air purifier fairly depends upon the type of your filter. The most popular type is the HEPA filter. It is known to be 99.9% effective against air impurities.

3. The number of ACH
ACH is nothing but the number of air changes per hour in a purifier. One should opt for the purifier with 4 to 5 ACH that is regular air changes after every 15 minutes.

4. CADR rating!
This factor depicts how quickly the air purifier works. It is defined by clean air delivery rate. However, this may vary according to your room space.

5. Noise!
Air purifiers can create a lot of buzzing noise. You should always test it before hand that it doesn’t make your home space a headache for you and your family.

6. The size matters!
Even small sized purifiers can work effectively. So, buying a large size purifier is just going to block the space of your house. One should survey a little before buying purifiers.

7. Price
It’s best to save money! So, investing on a medium ranged air purifier is advisable. They work as good as over-expensive ones.

8. Low maintenance
Most air purifiers require a change of channels from time to time. It is, therefore, preferred to invest on purifiers that require low maintenance.

9. Energy star ratings!
Buying air purifiers with good star ratings can help cut on the electricity bills.

10. Avoid UV filters!
These can be hazardous as they tend to throw out ozone causing health diseases. Therefore, don’t invest in ionized and UV filtration purifiers.

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