Important Features Of The Best Air Purifiers Used For Removing Cigarette Smoke

Second-hand cigarette smoke might result in a number of problems and its dangers are very well documented. Studies have revealed the fact that the only method of eliminating this danger for the non-smokers is eliminating smoke within the home. 

The home should be made smoke-free but this is not a very easy job to accomplish. However, there is one effective tool that can be of good help in trying to make the home smoke-free and that is the best air purifier. 

The best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal do not have the capacity of stopping all second-hand smoke breathed by the non-smokers but they can definitely improve the quality and the odor of air within the home.


Studies have proved the fact that the levels of air pollution are 5 times higher indoors in comparison to the outdoors. If you smoke cigarettes, the pollution levels can go even higher. Therefore, it is always very essential to get hold of the best and the most efficient air purifier that can help in removing cigarette smoke and in reducing the pollutants and irritants that affect health. So, what does an air purifier need in order to be effective at removing cigarette smoke?

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Understanding a Few Things About Air Purifiers is Important

Smoke Removal

Prior to getting good knowledge on the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal, it is necessary for you to have a clear understanding of this technology. It’s not just the size of the air purifier and it’s capacity for cleaning that matters. Always keep in mind that not all air purifiers are specifically designed for handling cigarette smoke. Therefore, you need to be diligent when making your choice.

Air Purifiers

Remember that the market is filled with air purifiers especially designed for getting rid of the particles that constitute pet dander, dust and allergens. This is due to the fact that these are the things that most homeowners want their air purifiers to do. The elimination of cigarette smoke is a special purpose.

Cigarette Smoke

Air purifiers possessing the ability of tackling cigarette smoke should also have the ability of combating airborne particles forming visible smoke and microscopic particles forming odor. You can easily find the best air purifiers online. The internet serves as one of the best sources of getting top quality air purifiers as you get great choices available.

Frequency Of Air Filtering Cycles

Another important feature of the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal is the frequency of air filtering cycles. Average air purifiers have filtering cycles of around 10 minutes. However, it is necessary for you to understand that the models in this category can greatly vary. Air filters that have faster air filtering cycles are quite efficient at removing air contaminants and in improving air quality. This is because they have the ability of processing more air within a very short span of time. But, it is to be noted that you might have to change the filters in these air purifiers more frequently.

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First of all, an air purifier should have CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate in order to be highly efficient at removing cigarette smoke. The CADR Program makes it easy for people to find the best air purifiers for their homes.You also get the scope of choosing an air purifier as per your requirements and your budget

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The HEPA air purifiers featuring high CADR have the ability of filtering out more air pollutants per minute. It is always very important for you to have the skills needed in determining whether an air purifier possesses the capability required for filtering out cigarette smoke elements that might be freely lingering in the air.

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Some of the most important things that need to be considered when making the choice of air purifiers for removing cigarette smoke are as follows:

Noise is an important issue. You must always look for air purifiers that are quiet especially if you want to place then in living areas and bedrooms.

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The filters in air purifiers should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

Make sure to get the owner’s manual along with the air purifier. This will help you in knowing the right placement of the purifier and thus brings in the best results for you.

Best Air Purifiers for Removing Cigarette Smoke

The best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal will have two technologies featured in them and they are:

  • HEPA filtering system that can remove 99.97% particles including visible smoke.
  • Activated carbon filter for absorbing smoke odor.


When looking for the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal, you might come across different products. but it is essential for you to go for only those products that have the ability of absorbing gaseous pollutants from smoke. 

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