Factors To Consider Before Buying A Top Quality Air Purifier For Your Home

Though there is no fixed global standard for the pure air but still it is told that the indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air. Hence for every indoor place like office or shop or house you must buy an air purifier so that you can breathe fresh air without having any risk of inhaling pollutants or dangerous gases. When you start searching for the best air purifier in the market you can have ample options and top international brands like Airfree, but choosing the best model for your home can be tricky. However, if you can consider a few important factors, then only you can end up buying the best product for your home.

What are the factors to consider before buying air purifier?

Whether you have budget constraint or are looking to buy an air purifier of the top international brands like Airfree, there are a few things that you have to decide first.

Coverage area: First you have to calculate the total coverage area that your air purifier will cover. It is advisable to buy a purifier that can serve equal or slightly greater footage area from your room. It is needed to get the best and effective purification service for your filter.

Air changes per hour: this is highly recommended for the people with some allergy or asthma to check this rate. This is an indicator that can tell you how many times the purifier can change the air of the room in an hour. If it’s given that ACH rate is 6 then it can change the air of the room fully 6 times within an hour. For the patients of asthma you must choose the air purifier with minimum ACH rate of 4 and its best if the level is ranging between 6 and 8.

Clean air delivery rate: clean air delivery rate or CADR is one of the most significant factors that you must consider. If this rate is higher, then the purifier has greater capability to purify the air and vice versa.

Filter types: before buying, first decide which types of air pollutants are giving you hard time and based on that choose an air purifier system which has the perfect filter system to eliminate those pollutants easily. HEPA, activated carbon, Ion & Ozone generators, Electrostatic Precipitators are some of the most popular types of filters which are used to target different types of pollutants.

Filter replacements: before purchasing a filter check what kinds of filters are attached to the purifier. If you see that your filter comes with the HEPA and activated carbon or any other types of filtration then it will involve more cost as you have to change them separately.

Noise level: if you are buying the purifier for a patient then you must check the noise level of the purifier so that the person will not get disturbed.

Warranty and energy consumption: apart from that checking the things like warranty, energy consumption and reputation of the producer is also important. Read more at