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What Are The Common Pollutants That Can Be Eliminated With The Air Purifier

The demand of the quality air purifiers is never as high in the market as it is now. The tight seals, which are a common phenomenon in most of the houses to keep the home energy efficient and comfortable for the family members, are often the main reason for the indoor air pollution. According to the reports the indoor air is almost 8-10 times more polluted than the outdoor air. As the people spend most of their time at home, thus the need for a good purifier is paramount for every home now. Though you can find a large number of companies like iqairhealthproplus that are selling air purifier, but still finding the appropriate one for your home can be frustrating and confusing as well.

In order to find the top quality air purifiers like iqairhealthproplus first you need to know various things like the coverage area, clean air delivery rate, air change per hour and many more things that can help you to buy the perfect solution for purifying the indoor air. But above all you need to know which pollutants can pollute your indoor air and based on that only you must choose the air purifier so that it can get rid of these pollutants from your home and give you a fresh air.

Pollutants that can cause a problem

Various kinds of air purifiers tend to target different types of pollutants; so it’s best if you can choose the purifier that has the capability to eliminate the particular kind of pollutant which is causing problem in your home.

Airborne particles: dust mite allergen, pet allergen, pollen, fungi, mold, plant spores, and tobacco smoke are some of the most common airborne particles that are responsible for polluting indoor air. Due to the presence of these kinds of particles you can face problems of asthma and allergy and a HEPA filter purifier can eliminate them properly from your abode.

Household gases and odors: starting from the aerosols or indoor pesticides, cooking odors, tobacco smoke, kitty litter and various toxins are the main reasons for the air pollution. To remove them from your house you can use the activated carbon filter air purifier, because the carbon filter can be effective for adsorbing gases which are untamable by the HEPA filters.

Volatile Organic Compounds: these kinds of compounds are common in different kinds of household products like paint, glues, cleaning products, varnishes, adhesives, carpets, building materials etc. For the VOCs you can also face serious health conditions and thus eliminating them is essential. You can use the activated carbon air filters to adsorb these elements from your house. .

Microorganisms: these are the common types of antigens, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses that are responsible for making people sick. Mold is also considered as one of the main members in this class of pollutant. Antibacterial and Germicidal Filters are the most effective in eliminating this kind of pollutant from your residence and keeping the air free form any kind of pollution. Read more at