Blue Air 505 Air Purifier Review

blue air 505 air purifier side view

blue air 505 air purifier side view

Air purifiers are devices that are used to clean the air at home by eliminating any contaminants that may be present in it. Clean air reduces the occurrence of asthma and allergies brought about by pollutants and irritants. Air purifiers clean the air by eliminating sources of pollutants such as smoke, hairs, odor and dander. HVAC systems also circulate matter that contains microorganisms in the house. Optimal indoor air quality is one of the long term health investments for any household. Regardless of whether you do not want to foster respiratory problems or you are just looking to eliminate smells from air, air purifiers are handy devices that go a long way in ensuring you are as comfortable as you should be at home with pure air.

Key features of the Blue Air 505 purifier

Wi-Fi connectivity

The Blue air purifier comes with an app that is compatible with both around and iOS smartphones. You can control the indoor air quality from your phone. Notifications and alerts about the air quality of your home are instantly sent to your phone. You can also switch on the purifier as well as switch it off. You can also adjust the fan speeds all from your phone using the App.

Power usage

The Blue air 505 purifier unit uses 15 to 90 watts of energy without compromising on its performance. The filter system of the HEPA silent can also be used over again.

blue air 505 insideDesign

The unique design and interface of the air purifier easily compliments and blends in with interior décor in the house. On its interface is an LED display unit that is easy to read located at the top section of the purifier. The display unit has control functions such as power button, fan speed adjustment and filter life indicators.

How the purifier works

Blue air 505 air is designed to purify indoor air in large spaces or open areas. The air purifier cleans air in spaces measuring up to 700 square feet. Unlike other purifiers in the market, the Blue air 505 does not produce any noise or sound from its system during the filtration process. The purifier can therefore be used in baby nurseries and bedrooms and other areas that do not require any disturbance or distractions.

Blue air 505 can also be used in large office spaces. It performs its function efficiently and only one would be required for a huge area adding to its economic sense. Blue 505 is classified as a large air purifier given the amount of air it can clean. Not so many brands in the market can achieve what this air purifier can. The purifier filtration mechanism is quite simple. The contaminated air is drawn into the unit, the air is passed through the filtration system and once it is cleaned up, it is released back into the room. The process is continuous until the air is 100 % free of contaminants and pollutants.

The air purifier is set to clean the air in a 700 square feet room at least 5 times in a span of an hour. In case the air contains a higher percentage of dust, the Blue air 505 works with a clean air delivery rate of 680 meters cubic each hour. If the air is contaminated with pollen, the clean air delivery rate is much lower compared to that of dust at 675 meters cubic each hour.

blue air 505 features

Air is drawn from the surrounding using the Surroundair design in the unit. This maximizes the rate at which air is cleaned from a room. Once the air is drawn into the purifier the HEPA technology comes into action. The air is passed via the three-stage process before being disbursed back into the surrounding. Air is drawn into the filtration unit using an inbuilt motor. Once in the unit the air is directed to the charging chamber here the particles are charged. The charged particles are drawn into the HEPA filter which is made from polypropylene fiber. All the charged particles are attracted to the fiber and cling on the surface of the fibers. True HEPA filters filter out 99.97% particles measuring up to 1 microns. Clean air free of dust of pollen is released back into the room, Blue air purifies use HEPA filters that are noise free and utilize low amounts of energy for them to achieve their function.

In conclusion

The sleek modern-looking Blue air purifier efficiently removes 99.97 % of pollutants in the air. Allergens and irritants are also eliminated from the air by the HEPA filter technology incorporated in the unit. The fan speeds in the unit can be adjusted within the three speeds to clean the air at least 5 times one in hour. More to this you can control all this functions from your phone by downloading the smartphone app. Alerts are sent to your phone in real-time and you can adjust the function of the purifier to achieve optimal indoor quality.

10 things to consider when buying an air purifier

biggest air purifier

These days, staying protected from the air pollution outside the house is not just enough. Well, you may be shocked to know that even the interior of your house can be as polluted as it is on the outside. With all our lives fully dependent on electronic gadgets and chemicals, it becomes really tough to rescue ourselves from dust and air impurities. While, this may not sound really serious to us that indoor air contamination can harm us equally just like outside world impurities can; poor indoor air quality puts us directly at a chance for various infections and allergies such as hypersensitivities, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory issues.

In the longer run, these little contaminations can hazardously lead to severe health diseases. Therefore, it becomes a necessity in the modern tech-savvy world that we start paying attention to unhygienic air conditions inside the scope of our houses. Regular cleaning can help to some extent, but fitting an effective air purifier can really solve this menace. But, before you buy an air purifier for your house, we suggest you to go through the following 10 things when buying an air purifier:

1. What’s the correct size of purifier for your place?
You have to match the right sized air purifier with the right sized room. It is the first thing to be considered. Definitely, it is measured in square metres. One can easily calculate the square feet area by doing the product of the length and width of the room.

2. The type of the filter and its efficiency!
The performance of your air purifier fairly depends upon the type of your filter. The most popular type is the HEPA filter. It is known to be 99.9% effective against air impurities.

3. The number of ACH
ACH is nothing but the number of air changes per hour in a purifier. One should opt for the purifier with 4 to 5 ACH that is regular air changes after every 15 minutes.

4. CADR rating!
This factor depicts how quickly the air purifier works. It is defined by clean air delivery rate. However, this may vary according to your room space.

5. Noise!
Air purifiers can create a lot of buzzing noise. You should always test it before hand that it doesn’t make your home space a headache for you and your family.

6. The size matters!
Even small sized purifiers can work effectively. So, buying a large size purifier is just going to block the space of your house. One should survey a little before buying purifiers.

7. Price
It’s best to save money! So, investing on a medium ranged air purifier is advisable. They work as good as over-expensive ones.

8. Low maintenance
Most air purifiers require a change of channels from time to time. It is, therefore, preferred to invest on purifiers that require low maintenance.

9. Energy star ratings!
Buying air purifiers with good star ratings can help cut on the electricity bills.

10. Avoid UV filters!
These can be hazardous as they tend to throw out ozone causing health diseases. Therefore, don’t invest in ionized and UV filtration purifiers.

Important Features Of The Best Air Purifiers Used For Removing Cigarette Smoke

Second-hand cigarette smoke might result in a number of problems and its dangers are very well documented. Studies have revealed the fact that the only method of eliminating this danger for the non-smokers is eliminating smoke within the home. 

The home should be made smoke-free but this is not a very easy job to accomplish. However, there is one effective tool that can be of good help in trying to make the home smoke-free and that is the best air purifier. 

The best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal do not have the capacity of stopping all second-hand smoke breathed by the non-smokers but they can definitely improve the quality and the odor of air within the home.


Studies have proved the fact that the levels of air pollution are 5 times higher indoors in comparison to the outdoors. If you smoke cigarettes, the pollution levels can go even higher. Therefore, it is always very essential to get hold of the best and the most efficient air purifier that can help in removing cigarette smoke and in reducing the pollutants and irritants that affect health. So, what does an air purifier need in order to be effective at removing cigarette smoke?

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Understanding a Few Things About Air Purifiers is Important

Smoke Removal

Prior to getting good knowledge on the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal, it is necessary for you to have a clear understanding of this technology. It’s not just the size of the air purifier and it’s capacity for cleaning that matters. Always keep in mind that not all air purifiers are specifically designed for handling cigarette smoke. Therefore, you need to be diligent when making your choice.

Air Purifiers

Remember that the market is filled with air purifiers especially designed for getting rid of the particles that constitute pet dander, dust and allergens. This is due to the fact that these are the things that most homeowners want their air purifiers to do. The elimination of cigarette smoke is a special purpose.

Cigarette Smoke

Air purifiers possessing the ability of tackling cigarette smoke should also have the ability of combating airborne particles forming visible smoke and microscopic particles forming odor. You can easily find the best air purifiers online. The internet serves as one of the best sources of getting top quality air purifiers as you get great choices available.

Frequency Of Air Filtering Cycles

Another important feature of the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal is the frequency of air filtering cycles. Average air purifiers have filtering cycles of around 10 minutes. However, it is necessary for you to understand that the models in this category can greatly vary. Air filters that have faster air filtering cycles are quite efficient at removing air contaminants and in improving air quality. This is because they have the ability of processing more air within a very short span of time. But, it is to be noted that you might have to change the filters in these air purifiers more frequently.

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First of all, an air purifier should have CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate in order to be highly efficient at removing cigarette smoke. The CADR Program makes it easy for people to find the best air purifiers for their homes.You also get the scope of choosing an air purifier as per your requirements and your budget

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The HEPA air purifiers featuring high CADR have the ability of filtering out more air pollutants per minute. It is always very important for you to have the skills needed in determining whether an air purifier possesses the capability required for filtering out cigarette smoke elements that might be freely lingering in the air.

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Some of the most important things that need to be considered when making the choice of air purifiers for removing cigarette smoke are as follows:

Noise is an important issue. You must always look for air purifiers that are quiet especially if you want to place then in living areas and bedrooms.

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The filters in air purifiers should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

Make sure to get the owner’s manual along with the air purifier. This will help you in knowing the right placement of the purifier and thus brings in the best results for you.

Best Air Purifiers for Removing Cigarette Smoke

The best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal will have two technologies featured in them and they are:

  • HEPA filtering system that can remove 99.97% particles including visible smoke.
  • Activated carbon filter for absorbing smoke odor.


When looking for the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal, you might come across different products. but it is essential for you to go for only those products that have the ability of absorbing gaseous pollutants from smoke.